My Day to Day

Hey all!

Here is a video representing my day to day activities.  The things I do are pretty boring if we’re being honest here… I typically just get up, go to classes, come home, make some food, and do work and relax.  The one thing I love about my life right now is that I do babysitting for a family I live with! You can see the kids in a few of the video clips.  They are awesome! After I babysit I will often take my computer onto campus and chill in a classroom playing games or doing work!  That sums up my day, I hope you all enjoy watching my video and listening to “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas.

Scene Analysis of “The Dark Knight” Starring Heath Ledger’s Joker

This scene from “The Dark Knight” is of my favorite scenes of all time, partly because I love Heath Ledger’s Joker,but also that this scene is executed extremely well in my opinion.  The beginning of the scene introduces edge and suspense, and the masks the robbers are using are infallible.  There is no dictated audio in this scene until 30 seconds in.  The upbeat tempo of the music builds the intensity of the scene progressively.  In addition, the camera angles change quickly and dynamically, and they are positioned close to the action, allowing the viewer to feel immersed, and giving clear visual detail.  The robbers are speaking of the Joker, and the scene plays at two different perspectives, where each “set” of robbers are both talking about the Joker.

There is little in the way of music when the robbers run into the bank, firing off their submachine guns.  The lighting in the bank is dim, but with contrasting glares on the floor from the evening sun through the windows.  The camera angle in the beginning of this scene is elongated, showing the entirety of the bank’s front desks, which adds to the intensity of the hold up because you can see each employee reacting fearfully.  The scene then switches to the second set of robbers, who are hacking the alarm system.  The dialog is calm, and the camera angles are typical of one on one dialog, when the robber in the back shoots and kills his accomplice.  The music ramps up as the murderer runs through a dark, edgy staircase with dull colors.

The scene then returns to the interior of the bank, where there is yelling, “sit down, sit down!” and the camera is directed on a man, sitting calmly, taking off his glasses, then looking some what curious.  The camera changes a number of times to different robbers, each holding their stations or doing their part in the robbery.  Then, we see the calm man again, and he is moving gently, when the camera switches to one of the robbers, and behind him there is a gunshot through glass, and the robber is killed.  The glass breaks in front of the man, revealing him on one knee with a short barrel shotgun wielded.  The man gets up, music ramps up, and he shoots multiple times while chasing a robber down the strip of the front desk, as the robber moves from kiosk to kiosk.  Two robbers hide behind a kiosk, and one says to the other, “he’s out, right?”.  A robber nods at the one who asked the question.  The inquiring robber then gets up, and nearly gets shot.  Then the man’s gun jams; the robber who had nodded gets up and shoots him.  The music stops, and the nearly killed robber says “where did you learn to count!?”.

Now we see the two robbers breaking into the safe.  They mention the joker again and how he may “be as crazy as they say” when, similar to the previous accomplice murder scene, the robber in back shoots and kills the robber in front.  Camera then switches back to the lobby of the bank, where we see a robber’s back.  He is walking forward, and there are citizens on the ground on each side of him, against the wall.  There is little music, and the scene is quickly transitioned to the murderer robber running into the vault with a bag, packing it with money.  The music ramps up again, at a quick tempo.  The robber brings bags with money into the bank lobby, and says “if this Joker guy was so smart he’d have had us bring a bigger car.  The camera immediately switches to the other robber, and there is a sound of a gun cocking.  There is some back and forth dialog while one robber points a gun at the other, and a school bus abruptly backs in through the wall of the bank, knocking a robber out.  A driver in a mask opens the back of the bus and helps a robber load the money into the bus, then asks “what happened to the rest of the guys!?”.  Immediately after, he is killed by the only remaining robber.

The music ramps up a bit, the final robber begins to leave, as the calm man from before starts insulting his style of criminality.  The robber walks up to him, as the man is asking him what he believes in.  He places a grenade in his mouth, says “I believe what ever doesn’t kill you simply makes you… Stranger.” and reveals his face.  He is the joker.  The music stops, the joker walks away, ties a string to the grenade, and upon slamming the rear bus door and driving away, the string (attached to the bus) pulls the pin from the grenade, and smoke begins to poor out.  The bus then drives out of the bank wall, joins a few other school busses on the road, and you can hear the sound of kids as the scene comes to a close.

This robbery scene builds so much suspense throughout it, but the music and scenery never really changes.  It seems the suspense is built through the progression of things that happen, from robbers turning on each other, to a man attempting to murdering the robbers, to a school bus breaking through the bank wall, and eventually the joker revealing himself as one of the robbers.  The music remains a consistent beat, but at times it is completely ceased, which gives the scene a “heart stopping” feel when something significant occurs.

In all, this is one of my favorite scenes, because of its simple music and camera operation, yet its ability to add so much suspension and mystery.  Many other scenes from “The Dark Knight” are similarly done, and they add up to create a thrilling film, which is in no way “over the top”.

My Cooking Extravaganza!

After some time dedicated to renting out a camera, deciding what type of video to make for one of my daily creates for video week, and thinking about what will be best applied, I found myself getting very hungry.  I stumbled upon an option entailing food, something I love very much, and at this moment I knew it was my calling to create a Quesadilla Tutorial.  Anyone who loves quesadillas can benefit, and learn to make their own quesadillas.  I give the difficulty rating a 2/10 stars rating, so anyone can do it!  Enjoy learning my quesadilla technique!

First Post

This is my test post! Just getting used to WordPress!

Excited to finally get started in this class! Have a LOT to catch up on considering its more than half way through the semester…