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A Radio Show Post

Hey guys,

Just to put this out there, in weeks 6 and 7 during the radio broadcast, I found my group, and we soon started up a Google Doc and began spitballing ideas.  The idea we ended up settling on had to do with history retold from a historical perspective.  We decided to call it history 2.0.  The design would be to reflect on ways that historical events could have been different if we had the internet the way we do today.  All of this was occurring during week 6 via google docs.

We then each added each other on twitter, and began discussing how we were going to meet up in person to discuss the logistics of the assignment.  We decided to meet at the ITCC during week 7, and at that time we came up with the idea to have a host, an expert panel, and callers that would be adding their 2 cents on the topic, and bringing up other topics.  We then wrote a pseudo script describing the topics we would discuss in order to mentally prepare ourselves for the recording. We came up with a very long list of topics and advertisement ideas to break up the program.

We split up, each with an advertisement to design, and a topic to further research to sound slightly more educated on the history to be discussed.

We reserved the vocal booth at the ITCC and met up to record the show.  We decided who would play which part during the recording, and used the pseudo script to decide what to say.  I played the part of the expert, and the members of the group were host, and callers.

I also developed an over-hyped weight lifting equipment advertisement that was put in the broadcast.  It was compiled in audacity using effects from freesound and edited with the frequency and speed settings of audacity.

In sum, it was a very fluid, cooperative experience in which we learned a little about history, and a lot about how to do a radio broadcast. It was fun to design and edit the broadcast, and it was a very positive experience to work with my group member as well.

Week 11 Summary

Hey guys!

For week 11, Mashups and Remixes, I combined a few themes that I have discussed previously into mashups.

The first theme I continued on was a Joker theme, so for this matchup I compiled a few of my favorite Joker scenes that were combined from different movies.  I included Heath Ledger’s Joker, Jack Nicholson’s Joker, and a sneak peek of Jared Leto’s Joker.  This assignment was worth 4 stars, titled “Mashup”.

A Joker Mashup

The next assignment I decided to do was a mashup of a few of my favorite movies.  The assignment, titled “The Contest Nobody Could Win” and worth 4 stars was designed to challenge the viewer to guess which movies or shows the clips came from, and all of the clips are under 2 seconds with no volume.  See if you can guess which movies they are! (They are pretty easy)

Guess That Film

An additional mashup I created was a logo mashup, titled “Your Favorite Teams Mashup”, and worth 4 stars.  I used Adobe Photoshop to complete this project, and It was very simple to create, hardly worth 4 stars.  Although I do not like my design very much, I did learn a lot about layer management and resizing images through this assignment.

Logo Creation

The final assignment completed was “Video Game Cover Mashup”.  Worth 3.5 stars, this assignment is a mashup of two highly popular PC games, League of Legends and World of Warcraft.  Combined, I named it “League of Legends in a World of Warcraft”, a thoughtful, original, creative name.

Video Game Mashup

Finally, I will be compiling a tutorial of how to use 4k downloader, since this is probably the most used resource I can think of throughout the semester.

Tutorial coming soon!



Hey guys!

I stumbled upon a kangaroo video on youtube of a man punching a kangaroo in the wild to save his dog.  I thought this video was so funny that I decided to take it, and add more kangaroo human interactions!  I used iMovie to cut the videos up and put them together, and added Darude’s Sandstorm to the video, a song that I thought was extremely fitting.


Redubbed Dark Knight

Hey guys!

I completed an assignment called “Movie Crack”, in which I used iMovie to add music to particular scenes from the movie Dark Knight, which as you know I have done a good amount of work with previously.  I loved choosing music for the scenes I decided to use, and incorporating them into the video.

The music used for this video was Clique by Kanye West, Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC, and Fly by Sugar Ray.


Week 9 Summary

Hey guys!

Week 9 was the first week I began to officially participate on a regular basis in effort to complete the credit offered by this class.

I began with a scene analysis assignment, where I decided to use a scene from the Dark Knight, and discuss the music, tempo, camera angles, and other aspects of filmmaking that went into the production of this scene from an amazing movie. I see now that this assignment was supposed to have a voice over element, but during the creation I just wrote an essay style assessment of the scene based on the readings from Ebert and Zhou.

Scene Analysis of “The Dark Knight” Starring Heath Ledger’s Joker

After the scene analysis I began to fulfill the assignment requirement by completing 12 stars of assignments of video. I rented a camera from the Convergence Center for this week, and recorded myself doing various things and compiling video in order to complete the assignments.

The first assignment I completed is titled “Video Crack”, and it was worth 4.5 stars.  I had a lot of fun working on this project because I had to think of a good song for the scenario and apply it to the scene accordingly.

Redubbed Dark Knight

Next, I decided saw a video on youtube of a man punching a kangaroo, and it got me interested in other kangaroo-people interactions. I was surprised to find a considerable amount of content related to people fighting with kangaroos! So I decided to compile a video of a few of my favorite interactions with kangaroos.  While this assignment isn’t listed in the assignment bank that I know of, I really wanted to do a kangaroo montage video anyways, and I thought it would be appropriate for the video assignment section.


The final work I completed was a time lapse clip of creating something using paper.  The assignment is titled “Six Second Art” and was worth 3.5 stars.

Time Lapse Art –> Paper Airplane



“As We May Think” Response

Hey all,

After reading an article in The Atlantic titled “As We May Think”, I have gained an altered perspective on the internet and its root.  Bush’s account of the internet takes a very transcending perspective, where he views it as a mode of storage to enable the human to complete more tasks without “bogged down… by overtaxing his limited memory”. I think this is a very interesting unique perspective on the internet, especially considering that most of us don’t really even consider the internet’s role, though we rely on it.

Bush takes a stance on the internet that allows room for unique perceptions of internet, where wonderful marvels of science are enabled. Our wealth of knowledge that comes from having access to the internet allows such a wide range of possibilities in applying its use, as Bush describes in detail.

The article provides evidence for the internet’s benefit to humans, in that it enables advances in health, food, biology, engineering, physics, arithmetic, business, photography, and many other beneficial aspects of the knowledge of the internet. It also exposes some of the limitations and harmful effects of the internet’s capabilities, such as the ability to store knowledge about weaponry and militia.

Overall, the article brings up an extremely unique perspective on the influence of the internet, and offers explanations of how to objectify it in a way that allows a more wide understanding of the internet as a whole, and what is has accomplished over the years. The development of internet has increased productivity tremendously in labor and research, and has an unparalleled impact on the role of production in the workplace.


Week 3 Summary

Hey all,

In conclusion of the week 3 work on visual production, I am embedding my blog posts here in summary of the work I have done.

Firstly, I completed an experience post about my previous experience in photography, and included a couple pictures I have taken in the past. I list some strengths and weaknesses of the photographs I have taken previously in reflection of this activity.

Photography Experience

I chose a 4 star assignment that takes a billboard and using Adobe Photoshop I added members of my family in place of the faces of the characters on the billboard.  A billboard for the movie Frozen was a perfect setting for a four member family and a dog to take the places of five characters.

A Frozen Family

Next, I did a 2 and a half star assignment where I brought my dog to college! This was very easy to produce, and the thumbnail in the bank for this assignment looked so simple, that I decided to spice it up a bit by having my dog dropped off between Randolph and Mason by a helicopter!

Brought My Dog

Finally, I completed the final portion assignment bank requirements by putting hip-hop star Drake in an unusual setting:  At the beach, dancing alone.

Drake in Paradise

The next embedded post is of a 20 minute photoblitz that I completed outside the Convergence Center on a rainy day.


Hope you enjoy my experience of Week 3!


Hey guys!

Here is a 20 minute photoblitz!

I was really excited to do this blitz in the rain because I thought it would be a good setting to get some reflections and interesting tones.


This marks the beginning of the blitz!




















And the blitz was completed 20 minutes later…




Hope you enjoyed viewing my moderate quality images!


a-MAZE-ingly Difficult

Hey guys!

I decided to design my own maze for the final project of week 5. I was able to do this maze using Adobe Photoshop by first drawing a ton of intertwined squares. Then I used the eraser function to create the paths in between the boxes.  I have added an answer key for the maze, where the blue represents possible pathways, and the red is the correct path from start to finish. Don’t look at the answer key until you’ve at least tried the maze! It probably only takes a minute or less to complete, and on a 1-10 difficulty scale I give it a 5, although when you see it for the first time it looks like an 8.

Give it a shot!maze1

Here is the key!



Week 5 summary

Hey guys!

In conclusion of Week 5, a week focused on design, I have consolidated my blog posts here. Below is the first post I made is a poster worth 3 stars that was designed to be a quasi-motivational poster.  It was completed using Adobe Photoshop, and it has become easier and easier to make these creations using this software as I get more used to working with it.

FeelsBadMan Motivation

Next I decided to apply a movie that I remembered from my childhood – Wild Wild West – to a comic strip in “The Graphic Wild West”, worth three stars.  So, since the assignment mentions the TV show Wild Wild West, I decided to use the movie Wild Wild West.  I went on youtube and found clips of some scenes from the movie, and took screenshots to compile my comic style collage.


Wild Wild West Comic

Then, when I saw that there was an option to create our own Pokemon card, I had to complete this assignment.  I decided to use myself as the basis for the Pokemon, and I gave myself a couple moves that describe my experience in this class. This is done using the basis that if you can’t laugh at you own mistakes you would be depressed and never get anything done – so here I am, trying to squeeze together any positivity as this semester comes to a sudden end.

Connor the Pokemon!

For my final Design project I created a maze using Adobe Photoshop. I think the creation went very well, and I got my idea from another student’s post of a step by step creation of this maze.  I may even decide to to my tutorial on how to create a maze, because coming into the assignment with no preconception of how it should be done made it quite difficult to begin.  I went from trying to create every line one by one, trying my best to make them all straight, to making boxes and erasing the pathway.

a-MAZE-ingly Difficult