Audio Story

Hey guys!

For the first part of Week 4, I have created a story using about 25 different samples I found on line using  All audio was compiled to create this story using Audacity.  The most difficult thing about this project was adjusting the noise removal in order to make sure the audio flowed as if it was all recorded at one time.  The samples from freesound had a ton of different noise amounts, and without noise removal, the finished product would’ve been incredibly choppy.

See if you can guess what the story is about! It seems pretty clear to me, but it may not seem so clear if you didn’t create it yourself.



Week 2 Summary


I completed the work for week 2! The work went relatively quickly, and it was pleasing to be able to choose assignments from any category of media to complete.

Here is the introductory post in which I explain what I will be doing for Week 2’s work.

Week 2: Working With Choice Media

Next is the first assignment I completed; it’s a t’shirt design! I used a line that I heard from a friend, “when she says you got dank memes”, and I thought that would be perfectly applied to a picture of Donald Trump that I found.

A Trump Meme

Then I created a mashup of Sheldon Cooper and Charlie Kelly because they are perfectly contrasting individuals in my favorite TV shows, Big Bang Theory and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

A Big Bang in Philadelphia

Finally I created a reflection image of Donald Trump making the “china” face in a scared girl’s eyes. The assignment was titled “can you see what I see”, and wraps up the production of week 2!

I’m not sure why this link isn’t working the way the others did, but above is the last post of my week 2 blog.

After reading an article by Vannevar Bush titled “As We May Think”, I discussed the aspects that I found interesting on Bush’s perspective of the effect of the internet.

“As We May Think” Response







Drake in Paradise

Hey all!

I created an image of a pop-star in an unordinary place.  I found a nice picture of Drake on google images, and used it in Adobe Photoshop along with a photograph of a boat in a tropical paradise.  Drake is doing dance moves next to the boat, and to create this image I erased everything but Drake, and added some brush strokes to the water, blurred them a bit with the smudge tool, and lowered the opacity to make it look like his feet are in the water.


This picture doesn’t even look photoshopped, does it!? I’m pretty sure the only thing that gives it away is that Drake wouldn’t be here… Yea thats the only way to tell I’m certain of it.

This assignment marks the completion of week three’s visual assignments.  Expect a blog post soon with the summary and links to all other work!


Brought My Dog

Hey guys!

This is a visual assignment where you bring your dog to school!

I decided to bring my mother’s Boxer puppy, because I left her house when she got the pup, so I didn’t get to spend much time with her…

This was about a 2-star assignment done using Adobe Photoshop, and it was pretty quick and easy.  I find that my favorite method of cropping photos to insert is by zooming in extremely far and erasing all the pixels that are not the object I am cutting out.


A Frozen Family

Hey guys!

This is a visual project that is completed by taking a billboard and adding members of my family instead of the characters on the billboard.  I decided to use a frozen billboard I found online and add each member of my family:  My brother, sister, mom, a dog, and I.


I used photoshop to remove the characters from the movie and add members of my family, and all the pictures of family members came from Facebook.  One way I actually could’ve done this assignment better would be to erase the movie characters and place my family members in their places as a layer underneath the rest of the picture, so that it may look a little more natural. This assignment was rated at 4 stars, so 4 more stars and a 20 minute photoblitz and I will have completed Week 2’s work.

See you soon!

Photography Experience

Hey guys!

Today’s post is on my past experience in photography.  I have taken many photographs over the course of my life, and most of the experience I have taking them was in my high school days, although I have taken a few pictures in college.

During high school, I used my father’s Nikon camera to take pictures for the purpose of design, I would take pictures of objects, settings, and animals.  I took many pictures of flowers, bees on flowers, sunsets, birds, and coral or fish from an aquarium in my house.  That love for photography died off relatively quickly, but has reformed itself in taking pictures of family members when I am visiting over breaks.  The pictures I take are generally with my sister; she takes pictures of me, and I take pictures of her.  The photographs we usually take are in a rural setting near cows or ponds, but this summer the two of us took pictures at the beach.  Below are a couple pictures we took from last spring.



One critique I have of my photographs is that I don’t pay much attention to form, separation, or geometry. Light is another important aspects of photographs that I have given some thought, but since I have not been a consistently serious photographer, I haven’t been able to experiment with image quality and setting enough to learn what makes an attractive photograph.





Fear Trumps All

Hey guys!

I completed this visual assignment for week 2 using Adobe Photoshop, I had the idea to use Donald Trump’s “china” face in the eyes of frightened youth.  I found the pictures on Google Image, cropped Trump into this poor girl’s eyes, and added a little opacity to him to give the reflection appearance.


The assignment was a worth three and a half stars, capping me at just over the eight star threshold for week 2.  The production was relatively pain-free, and was definitely entertaining to create.



A Big Bang in Philadelphia

Hey all!

I just finished compiling a mashup in Adobe Photoshop of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, and Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I chose these two characters because I thought they are in good contrast with each other, and these two pictures work very well together.  Charlie Kelly is a character with a very high level of chaos, while Sheldon Cooper contrasts that with logic and understanding.  This mashup symbolizes Sheldon teaching Charlie, and was done by taking the picture of Charlie Kelly first, and then finding a picture of Sheldon Cooper that would fit with the setting, and lassoing Sheldon and his whiteboard out, and adding them to the scene with Charlie.


Hope you enjoyed the mashup!

A Trump Meme

Hey guys!

For my design assignment in week 2, I created a t-shirt using photoshop.  I decided to make up a Donald Trump meme, because Trump is a hot topic at the moment.  A friend of mine made up this quote and I thought it was really funny, so I stole it for the purpose of this assignment.


I honestly feel like someone should create this shirt, and it would probably sell pretty well.

This was a 2.5 star assignment that was quite simple to complete.

Hope you enjoy the shirt!  Maybe you’ll consider creating one for yourself!

Week 2: Working With Choice Media

Hey guys!

I know it’s the last couple weeks of the semester, but what better time to do work from week 2, other than, you know, week 2…

Anyways, I will be completing 8 stars of media today from any category of my choice, and my understanding is that it should be from three different categories, so I will choose one assignment from design, one mashup, and one visual assignment.

The design component will be creating a t-shirt.  I have a good quote I’m excited to use for the basis of the shirt.  The mashup I chose will be a photomash, where I take two actors, and put them in the same picture to look like they belong in that setting.  The visual component will be “can you see what I see”, where I will take a picture of an eye, and overlay an image to seem like it’s a reflection in the eye.