FeelsBadMan Motivation

Hey guys!

I decided to do a sort of contradictory motivational poster using the feelsbadman meme, and a saying that I made up based on the word “content.”  I used adobe photoshop to create the poster and I just downloaded an image of the feelsbadman frog to use for the poster image.  The creation was pretty simple, but the assignment was rated at three stars.


Wild Wild West Comic

Hey guys!

As part of the Design Assignment section, I decided to do a comic page with blurbs from the movie “Wild Wild West” with Will Smith.  While the movie isn’t a traditional western, it is designed to be a off chute of western movies, while adding some science-fiction aspects.  I thought, “what better movie to demonstrate the wild west than Wild Wild West.”  I used Adobe Photoshop to create the page, and I added effects using the Filter Gallery.  I added a posterize effect and an ink outlines effect to give it a sort of painted, comic feel.

wiild-wild-west-comicThe star was rated as a three star assignment.  It took me a while to do it, but that’s because I spent most of the time making sure the outlines looked clean on each individual picture by being finicky with the eraser.

Hope you enjoy the finished product!

Final Project Progress Report

I decided the best thing I could produce would be a combination of video, visual, design, and audio.  The premise of my project will be a therapy session for someone that is struggling with their college career.  The therapist and patient will be filmed separately, and both characters will be done by me.  It will be the summary, or outtake of a session that is created by the institution to describe the experience you can expect from the therapy, as an advertisement, or a way to attract individuals to come.  There will be visuals of the experience, in addition to video footage.  I will design a logo for the therapy institution, as a sort of sponsorship, or credibility to the institution, and there will be an advertisement.  An audio advertisement will be played as an additional advertisement, and it will include multiple people’s accounts of how the session has helped them.

My video will be filmed over the course of this weekend, and the beginning days of next week.  The audio will be recorded in the vocal booth, and a friend may help me with additional accounts of experience as needed in the audio section.  Designs will be thought out over the weekend and drawn out, then executed throughout the week as I am spending a bunch of time on the Mac’s in the ITCC.

Connor the Pokemon!

Hey guys!

I saw an option to make a Pokemon card for three stars, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!  I loved Pokemon cards growing up, so I took a picture of one of my favorite Pokemon cards, Wailord ex, and edited it in Adobe Photoshop and named the Pokemon after myself: Connor Henning ex.  I made one of the moves “Procrastination” because I used procrastination throughout the semester as one of my GO TO moves.


Hope you like it!

Music Video Remix

Hey all!

I just finished a remixed music video of Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People.”  I love this song, but I always thought the music video was excessively creepy, so I decided to take it to a less creepy level, by combining some concepts from the original video and videos from other songs.  The original video featured many masochistic themes and repeated video of worms.

I used iMovie to botch together many clips from a couple different videos, and timed them all to match the music to the best of my ability.  The process was quite grueling, but with the right focus I was able to piece it together in no time!

This was a three and a half star assignment, and I think as far as work goes, it deserves every star because the video editing was very intensive.  The audio editing required minuscule effort, however.

Hope you enjoy the remix!

Say Something, I’m Giving Up On You

Hey all!

Today I did a combination of the song “Say Something, I’m Giving Up On You” by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera, and the Kris James and Lauren Legato cover.  I downloaded both songs using 4k Video Downloader, and loaded them into audacity.

After fiddling with the beginnings of the songs, I got them to match in cadence relatively well.  Although there are a few hiccups, I feel that the mashup worked well, and the outcome is some good listening!

I think the two songs work very well together, and when overlapped, it does add to the emotion!  I was surprised to see how well it actually ended up! Especially after I noticed a difference in cadence between the two, it worried me, but when listening to the song as a whole, my heart is warmed, as this song should do.

Hopefully you all enjoy the mashup as much as you enjoy the original song!

Rap God Remix

Hey Guys!

Working on catching up some of the work I missed out on in the early part of the semester.

Today, I decided to do a sort of audio remix on the song “Rap God” by Eminem.  I have used Audacity to do some audio editing that consists of reducing the speed of the track, adding a slight echo to add some character, and changing the pitch at times that I found fitting.  The change in pitch was meant to match the mood of the verse, and I decided to change the pitch of the chorus to make it sound like Eminem, even though it was sped up.

I also downloaded the video and the clean edit of the track using 4k Video Downloader, and patched them together so that the audio I created in Audacity fit with the visuals of the video.

This was a 3 star assignment, uploaded to youtube.  I wish I could do more with the audio, but the pitch and speed changes at least offer a little in the way of a remix.


Video Game Mashup

Hey peeps!

I just finished my last mashup assignment in which I combined two video games into one!  I play League of Legends and I thought, “what better for this assignment than to combine the two largest PC games in the world into one?” So I decided to combine League of Legends with World of Warcraft, and came up with “League of Legends in a World of Warcraft.”  The title is a little bit wordy, but I think it flows!


I used Adobe Photoshop to complete the mashup, and I chose an iconic League of Legends background photo for the background of the project.  I briefly thought about combining a World of Warcraft background as well, like possibly doing half League of Legends half World of Warcraft, but I couldn’t find another large image to use for the World of Warcraft portion, so I just stuck with the League of Legends background.  I removed the backgrounds in the logos in order to create a more realistic cover, and reveal more of the background image.

Hope you like it!


Logo Creation

Hey guys!

Today I created a logo of my favorite football teams, the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the Atlanta Falcons, combined with a League of Legends competitive video gaming team, Team SoloMid.  Most of you probably won’t recognize the TSM logo, but it is the logo I placed on the Bulldog’s shoulder.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 to complete this project. I learned a lot about layer management through this since there are so many ways to combine your layers on top of one another.


Let me know what you think, or if you recognize the TSM logo!!!

Guess That Film

Hey guys!

I made a short video mashup of small clips of movies and TV shows that I enjoy! See if you can guess where they came from!

There are five movies and one TV show.

This video, like all my others, was done using iMovie, and the song chosen is the intro to “Beautiful Day” by U2.