A Radio Show Post

Hey guys,

Just to put this out there, in weeks 6 and 7 during the radio broadcast, I found my group, and we soon started up a Google Doc and began spitballing ideas.  The idea we ended up settling on had to do with history retold from a historical perspective.  We decided to call it history 2.0.  The design would be to reflect on ways that historical events could have been different if we had the internet the way we do today.  All of this was occurring during week 6 via google docs.

We then each added each other on twitter, and began discussing how we were going to meet up in person to discuss the logistics of the assignment.  We decided to meet at the ITCC during week 7, and at that time we came up with the idea to have a host, an expert panel, and callers that would be adding their 2 cents on the topic, and bringing up other topics.  We then wrote a pseudo script describing the topics we would discuss in order to mentally prepare ourselves for the recording. We came up with a very long list of topics and advertisement ideas to break up the program.

We split up, each with an advertisement to design, and a topic to further research to sound slightly more educated on the history to be discussed.

We reserved the vocal booth at the ITCC and met up to record the show.  We decided who would play which part during the recording, and used the pseudo script to decide what to say.  I played the part of the expert, and the members of the group were host, and callers.

I also developed an over-hyped weight lifting equipment advertisement that was put in the broadcast.  It was compiled in audacity using effects from freesound and edited with the frequency and speed settings of audacity.

In sum, it was a very fluid, cooperative experience in which we learned a little about history, and a lot about how to do a radio broadcast. It was fun to design and edit the broadcast, and it was a very positive experience to work with my group member as well.

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