“As We May Think” Response

Hey all,

After reading an article in The Atlantic titled “As We May Think”, I have gained an altered perspective on the internet and its root.  Bush’s account of the internet takes a very transcending perspective, where he views it as a mode of storage to enable the human to complete more tasks without “bogged down… by overtaxing his limited memory”. I think this is a very interesting unique perspective on the internet, especially considering that most of us don’t really even consider the internet’s role, though we rely on it.

Bush takes a stance on the internet that allows room for unique perceptions of internet, where wonderful marvels of science are enabled. Our wealth of knowledge that comes from having access to the internet allows such a wide range of possibilities in applying its use, as Bush describes in detail.

The article provides evidence for the internet’s benefit to humans, in that it enables advances in health, food, biology, engineering, physics, arithmetic, business, photography, and many other beneficial aspects of the knowledge of the internet. It also exposes some of the limitations and harmful effects of the internet’s capabilities, such as the ability to store knowledge about weaponry and militia.

Overall, the article brings up an extremely unique perspective on the influence of the internet, and offers explanations of how to objectify it in a way that allows a more wide understanding of the internet as a whole, and what is has accomplished over the years. The development of internet has increased productivity tremendously in labor and research, and has an unparalleled impact on the role of production in the workplace.


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