Best Posts by Classmates

Hey guys!

This post is designed to highlight what I feel are some of the best posts from DS106 classmates.

First, I found this blog post by Daniel Valdez that is a missing person report of Hank Schrader.  I loved Breaking Bad, so this might be why this is one of my favorite posts, but I also like the design of the post, and I love how it is highlighted that Hank was being a badass.  I saw some more of Daniel’s awesome work as well, like his daily create of the panorama image where you are in the picture in three different places.

Design Assignment 3 (4 stars)

Another of my favorite videos is this one on socks.

Critique of the video of the year: SOCKS

What is your opinion on socks anyways?

Who has an opinion on socks?

Well – Kristin answers these questions for us in her short video on socks… Not sure why… But she does.

Next, I will have to say my final favorite post is going to be this tutorial of using X-Ray Goggles to manipulate webpages.  This has to be my favorite post because in approximately three minutes I will be referring directly to it in order to download the X-Ray Goggles myself, and use them to complete my next assignment.f

How To Video (4.5 stars)


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