Drake in Paradise

Hey all!

I created an image of a pop-star in an unordinary place.  I found a nice picture of Drake on google images, and used it in Adobe Photoshop along with a photograph of a boat in a tropical paradise.  Drake is doing dance moves next to the boat, and to create this image I erased everything but Drake, and added some brush strokes to the water, blurred them a bit with the smudge tool, and lowered the opacity to make it look like his feet are in the water.


This picture doesn’t even look photoshopped, does it!? I’m pretty sure the only thing that gives it away is that Drake wouldn’t be here… Yea thats the only way to tell I’m certain of it.

This assignment marks the completion of week three’s visual assignments.  Expect a blog post soon with the summary and links to all other work!


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