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When you come to college, what do you expect? Is it the most freedom you’ve ever experienced in your life? Is it the responsibility, that everything is on you now? That you can do, think, be, as you please?  When I came to college, this was my expectation.  My experience has been nothing short of amazing, and I am a senior now, planning to graduate in one week.  One thing I never expected though, coming into college, was that I would try my hardest to avoid work at all costs.  I would stay away from obligations, stay away from deadlines, and try my hardest to save everything for the later.  After all, isn’t the now what’s most important? Well, the “most important” thing I learned from this experience was that the “now” is extremely important! But you know what, even more important that that is using the current NOW to make your later NOW even better!  If I had thought about this much throughout the semester, and my experience at college, I would have found myself struggling much less, and I’m sure I would have been much happier overall.  So – for anyone that is stressing over their future, just remember… Do things in the now to make your future now even better!

This writing is the basis for my current final project.  I decided to do use a Wellness Center as the theme, since I seemed to have needed something like this during my experience here.  I know one thing for sure – I needed to have done something differently.

This project was particularly ironic because it is a set of media designed towards encouraging students to seek help in academics through discussion about motivation and time management.  The irony is that I actually did the opposite of managing my time well throughout this class.  In fact, I stacked all work at the end of the class, causing me to barely be able to pass, which I deeply regret.

I am a psychology major, so this project has a bit to do with my major, and this is the first time that I have actually been punished effectively by procrastinating, which was my inspiration for creating this video.  Previously in college, procrastination hasn’t negatively affected my experience.  I did not expect to have this much work to do in any class, and I certainly didn’t plan on managing my time effectively throughout the semester.

Completing an entire semester’s worth of work has taken a toll on my attitude towards work in general, and I know that if I had managed my time better previously in the semester I would be feeling much better about the results as this semester comes to an end.

I completed a few ads for my final project using Audacity.  The premise of these ads is to attract students to the Wellness Center to talk about their experience in college, learn how to stay on top of their work, and get help staying motivated to get good grades and do well in school.

Both ads are done using audacity, and the different characters are recorded by me; I used the pitch changer to make them sound different. Music in the first ad is a violin cover of 7 years by Lukas Graham, done by Daniel Jang.  I chose this music because it fits with a soothing mood, and doesn’t rely on lyrics to convey a message.

The next ad is similar, and this one uses accounts from students that have come to the Wellness Center, and a professional counselor at the Wellness Center, speaking on the center’s behalf.  The music for this ad came from a piano playlist on youtube.

A couple flyers were created using Adobe Photoshop as an ad designed to attract students to attend a session at the Wellness Center.  I found the pictures used using google, and decided on this tree logo because I thought it was a good representative symbol of overall wellness, and health.  I did some major experimenting with text editing, where I used a bevel on the text, and I think it looks really good!


Below is a commercial video for the Wellness Center.  I used Final Cut Pro to edit the video’s production.  This was actually the first time I had used Final Cut Pro.  Previously I had been creating simpler videos using iMovie, but I ran into an issue where I needed to align two videos together to give the illusion that I was talking to another person (that was also myself).  I needed to use Final Cut Pro because it allows the user to crop and position video more freely than iMovie does.

The premise of the video is a Wellness Center ad about counseling services provided to students who are struggling with their classes.  I learned a lot more about video editing through this project than I did with many of the other individual video assignments.  I pushed myself to experiment with text bubbles and inserting smaller videos within the main video, and overall it was a great experience learning Final Cut Pro, and the methods of video editing.

The media in this video consisted of music, and a couple of videos.  The music was “Good Riddance” by Greenday, and “Knights of Shame” by AWOLNATION.  The first video I embedded was from a League of Legends game, where Wildturtle got a Pentakill.  I thought this embedded video would provide good contrast to the seriousness of the video, because it represents the interviewee’s previous state, where he was distracted by thinking about video games, to the current state, where he stays on top of his work and knows how to manage his time effectively to get well deserved grades.  At the end of the video, I provided a short clip from the movie “Anger Management”, I thought the song “I feel pretty” from this movie was a good representation of the message I was trying to convey through this video.











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