Music Video Remix

Hey all!

I just finished a remixed music video of Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People.”  I love this song, but I always thought the music video was excessively creepy, so I decided to take it to a less creepy level, by combining some concepts from the original video and videos from other songs.  The original video featured many masochistic themes and repeated video of worms.

I used iMovie to botch together many clips from a couple different videos, and timed them all to match the music to the best of my ability.  The process was quite grueling, but with the right focus I was able to piece it together in no time!

This was a three and a half star assignment, and I think as far as work goes, it deserves every star because the video editing was very intensive.  The audio editing required minuscule effort, however.

Hope you enjoy the remix!

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