My Unusual Goal

Hey guys!

Today I am writing about a video I made describing my personal goals, and providing an example of what that goal looks like.  The goal is to become a professional League of Legends player, or streamer.  The video shows a montage of a very popular internet celebrity League of Legends player, Tyler1.  His content is known for its entertaining qualities, and his high level of skill at playing the game.  Players such as Tyler1 make more money than you might expect, through sponsorships and donations, and he and others like him have formed well sustaining careers based off their streaming channels as well as their youtube channels, where videos of them playing are posted daily.

This video was relatively easy to create, I simply filmed myself talking about my dream, loaded it into iMovie, removed a few hiccups, and added a video of a Tyler1 montage to show you what type of goal I am referring to.  The montage was much longer, so I edited it down quite a bit in iMovie in order to consolidate the idea.

Hope you enjoy!

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