Photography Experience

Hey guys!

Today’s post is on my past experience in photography.  I have taken many photographs over the course of my life, and most of the experience I have taking them was in my high school days, although I have taken a few pictures in college.

During high school, I used my father’s Nikon camera to take pictures for the purpose of design, I would take pictures of objects, settings, and animals.  I took many pictures of flowers, bees on flowers, sunsets, birds, and coral or fish from an aquarium in my house.  That love for photography died off relatively quickly, but has reformed itself in taking pictures of family members when I am visiting over breaks.  The pictures I take are generally with my sister; she takes pictures of me, and I take pictures of her.  The photographs we usually take are in a rural setting near cows or ponds, but this summer the two of us took pictures at the beach.  Below are a couple pictures we took from last spring.



One critique I have of my photographs is that I don’t pay much attention to form, separation, or geometry. Light is another important aspects of photographs that I have given some thought, but since I have not been a consistently serious photographer, I haven’t been able to experiment with image quality and setting enough to learn what makes an attractive photograph.





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