A Pinteresting Bedroom

Hey guys!

I decided to to the web assignment of building my own dream bedroom using pictures from Pinterest.

I used five different kinds of bedroom designs as the premise for searching for pictures, and these are the ideas that I came up with.

This bed is amazing. I don’t know what that ring at the top of it is, but it’s probably awesome… I love the design and the black and white color of the sheets.  Also – a giant map right next to you? I would know the name of every country so fast!

It is essential to have a nice barebones table for your TV to sit on.  I love the wood pattern and the design of the wall behind the TV is also amazing. Why haven’t I been on pinterest more often?

Okay – This desktop setup is freaking awesome.  This is a must have.  If I ever have enough money I will definitely be investing in something like this to go in my room.  I’m literally stunned.

I like the minimalist ideas for bedroom and bathroom.  This doesn’t really go with the previous picture of that insane computer setup, but I really like the basic design of this bathroom.  One thing I might change is the pattern on the floor, though.

I like the idea of this sink, but if I had a bathroom in my bedroom I may not need it. So I’m going to go ahead and say that this isn’t a sink for hand washing, but that it’s actually an extravagant water fountain where I can fill up my water cup with ice cold, fresh water while I’m slaying enemies at my awesome video game setup.

Breakfast in bed.  ‘Nuff said.


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