Radio Show Review

Hey guys!

After listening to the Minuscule Stories radio show, I thought it was a great idea for a radio show!  It’s pretty entertaining, and I love the premise of the a few word stories.  The flow of the radio show seems natural and calm, and I love the music in the background as well.  My favorite section is about the DJ’s perception of the story about the bottle.  The music here is perfect for the story, because it adds a sort of intensity to the meaning of the story.  It gets your heart racing, and keeps you hooked.

Compared to my group’s radio show, the Minuscule Stories show is more natural and personable.  The music used in almost every scenario is perfect for the theme of the story.  “For Sale: Baby Shoes Never Worn”. The commercials are interesting, and they differ from our group’s radio show because commercials in the Minuscule Stories show are based in reality.  The commercials created in our radio show were all fake commercials that were created to advertise a fake product, which I thought was interesting.

The stories of the third DJ are very peculiarly interesting.  There is a train heading towards nowhere, and people consumed by the internet. This DJ’s discussion of these stories is very interesting because she brings up an interesting perspective about the internet and some of the harmful ways in which people use the internet.

Overall – This was a very good radio show in my opinion.  It was very different from my group’s radio show, and unique.  It provides interesting points of view for these short stories, and keeps the listener interested with good form and music.

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