Rap God Remix

Hey Guys!

Working on catching up some of the work I missed out on in the early part of the semester.

Today, I decided to do a sort of audio remix on the song “Rap God” by Eminem.  I have used Audacity to do some audio editing that consists of reducing the speed of the track, adding a slight echo to add some character, and changing the pitch at times that I found fitting.  The change in pitch was meant to match the mood of the verse, and I decided to change the pitch of the chorus to make it sound like Eminem, even though it was sped up.

I also downloaded the video and the clean edit of the track using 4k Video Downloader, and patched them together so that the audio I created in Audacity fit with the visuals of the video.

This was a 3 star assignment, uploaded to youtube.  I wish I could do more with the audio, but the pitch and speed changes at least offer a little in the way of a remix.


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