Say Something, I’m Giving Up On You

Hey all!

Today I did a combination of the song “Say Something, I’m Giving Up On You” by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera, and the Kris James and Lauren Legato cover.  I downloaded both songs using 4k Video Downloader, and loaded them into audacity.

After fiddling with the beginnings of the songs, I got them to match in cadence relatively well.  Although there are a few hiccups, I feel that the mashup worked well, and the outcome is some good listening!

I think the two songs work very well together, and when overlapped, it does add to the emotion!  I was surprised to see how well it actually ended up! Especially after I noticed a difference in cadence between the two, it worried me, but when listening to the song as a whole, my heart is warmed, as this song should do.

Hopefully you all enjoy the mashup as much as you enjoy the original song!

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