Video Game Mashup

Hey peeps!

I just finished my last mashup assignment in which I combined two video games into one!  I play League of Legends and I thought, “what better for this assignment than to combine the two largest PC games in the world into one?” So I decided to combine League of Legends with World of Warcraft, and came up with “League of Legends in a World of Warcraft.”  The title is a little bit wordy, but I think it flows!


I used Adobe Photoshop to complete the mashup, and I chose an iconic League of Legends background photo for the background of the project.  I briefly thought about combining a World of Warcraft background as well, like possibly doing half League of Legends half World of Warcraft, but I couldn’t find another large image to use for the World of Warcraft portion, so I just stuck with the League of Legends background.  I removed the backgrounds in the logos in order to create a more realistic cover, and reveal more of the background image.

Hope you like it!


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