Week 2 Summary


I completed the work for week 2! The work went relatively quickly, and it was pleasing to be able to choose assignments from any category of media to complete.

Here is the introductory post in which I explain what I will be doing for Week 2’s work.

Week 2: Working With Choice Media

Next is the first assignment I completed; it’s a t’shirt design! I used a line that I heard from a friend, “when she says you got dank memes”, and I thought that would be perfectly applied to a picture of Donald Trump that I found.

A Trump Meme

Then I created a mashup of Sheldon Cooper and Charlie Kelly because they are perfectly contrasting individuals in my favorite TV shows, Big Bang Theory and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

A Big Bang in Philadelphia

Finally I created a reflection image of Donald Trump making the “china” face in a scared girl’s eyes. The assignment was titled “can you see what I see”, and wraps up the production of week 2!


I’m not sure why this link isn’t working the way the others did, but above is the last post of my week 2 blog.

After reading an article by Vannevar Bush titled “As We May Think”, I discussed the aspects that I found interesting on Bush’s perspective of the effect of the internet.

“As We May Think” Response







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