Week 3 Summary

Hey all,

In conclusion of the week 3 work on visual production, I am embedding my blog posts here in summary of the work I have done.

Firstly, I completed an experience post about my previous experience in photography, and included a couple pictures I have taken in the past. I list some strengths and weaknesses of the photographs I have taken previously in reflection of this activity.

Photography Experience

I chose a 4 star assignment that takes a billboard and using Adobe Photoshop I added members of my family in place of the faces of the characters on the billboard.  A billboard for the movie Frozen was a perfect setting for a four member family and a dog to take the places of five characters.

A Frozen Family

Next, I did a 2 and a half star assignment where I brought my dog to college! This was very easy to produce, and the thumbnail in the bank for this assignment looked so simple, that I decided to spice it up a bit by having my dog dropped off between Randolph and Mason by a helicopter!

Brought My Dog

Finally, I completed the final portion assignment bank requirements by putting hip-hop star Drake in an unusual setting:  At the beach, dancing alone.

Drake in Paradise

The next embedded post is of a 20 minute photoblitz that I completed outside the Convergence Center on a rainy day.


Hope you enjoy my experience of Week 3!

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