Week 4 Summary

Hey guys!

For the Audio Story, I decided to create a story of a person parking at home, putting some things down on the counter, feeding his dog, and sitting down to relax and watch some TV.  I really like the finished product.  The noises were taken from freesound.org and produced using Audacity.

Audio Story

This was a cover of the song “Say Something”, I enjoyed creating this production because I was surprised how well the two songs sounded together.  I didn’t think you would be able to hear each voice so distinctly, and the project was pretty gratifying because it actually sounds really good!

Say Something, I’m Giving Up On You

I created an audio remix of “Rap God” by Eminem, where I edited his voice using Audacity to make some verses higher pitch and some verses lower pitch.  It produced a pretty funny outcome, and I had a lot of fun deciding where to change the pitch of the audio.

Rap God Remix

This remixed video of Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” was very fun to create, because I used videos from different songs to create the video and make it flow like it was the original music video.  It was probably my favorite assignment from this semester, and I think it turned out really, really well!

Music Video Remix

I also recorded a Radio Bumper using audacity.  I had originally recorded a bumper very similar to this one for the radio show project, but something happened to the source file and I was unable to retrieve it, so I just recorded another one.

Radio Bumper




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