Week 5 summary

Hey guys!

In conclusion of Week 5, a week focused on design, I have consolidated my blog posts here. Below is the first post I made is a poster worth 3 stars that was designed to be a quasi-motivational poster.  It was completed using Adobe Photoshop, and it has become easier and easier to make these creations using this software as I get more used to working with it.

FeelsBadMan Motivation

Next I decided to apply a movie that I remembered from my childhood – Wild Wild West – to a comic strip in “The Graphic Wild West”, worth three stars.  So, since the assignment mentions the TV show Wild Wild West, I decided to use the movie Wild Wild West.  I went on youtube and found clips of some scenes from the movie, and took screenshots to compile my comic style collage.


Wild Wild West Comic

Then, when I saw that there was an option to create our own Pokemon card, I had to complete this assignment.  I decided to use myself as the basis for the Pokemon, and I gave myself a couple moves that describe my experience in this class. This is done using the basis that if you can’t laugh at you own mistakes you would be depressed and never get anything done – so here I am, trying to squeeze together any positivity as this semester comes to a sudden end.

Connor the Pokemon!

For my final Design project I created a maze using Adobe Photoshop. I think the creation went very well, and I got my idea from another student’s post of a step by step creation of this maze.  I may even decide to to my tutorial on how to create a maze, because coming into the assignment with no preconception of how it should be done made it quite difficult to begin.  I went from trying to create every line one by one, trying my best to make them all straight, to making boxes and erasing the pathway.

a-MAZE-ingly Difficult


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