Week 8 Summary

Hey guys!

First, for this week, I posted a response to the “Minuscule Stories” radio show.  This show was very interesting, and definitely an awesome, unique topic.

Radio Show Review

My favorite blogs done by fellow students are listed below.  First, I decided to look through some of my radio show group mate’s work, and I found a missing person design post, done by Daniel Valdez.  I liked this post because I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad, and I thought the design was interesting and unique.  Hank is indeed being a badass…

Another post that I really enjoyed was Kristin’s post about people’s opinions of socks.  I don’t know exactly why, but this post was particularly entertaining.

The final video I chose to add to my favorites list is a tutorial on how to use X-Ray Goggles to manipulate webpages.  I decided on this tutorial because it is directly relevant to what I will be doing next.

Best Posts by Classmates

After viewing the tutorial on how to use Mozilla’s X-ray Goggles, I edited twitch.tv’s directory page.

A Connor Driven Twitch

Next I put together a few images from Pinterest to describe what it would be like in my dream bedroom.  I like this project because I had actually never used Pinterest before, and there were a ton of cool pictures of what people have done with their bedrooms that inspires me to make my bedroom even cooler!

A Pinteresting Bedroom

Next, I used Mozilla’s X-Ray Goggles to develop a story about a man that is lost inside a website.  It was fun to recreate the story using the hyperlinks and the layout of a website.  I didn’t know anything like these X-Ray Goggles existed until now, and it’s a really funny tool that you can use in hyperlinks to give someone a laugh ( or a scare).

Long Live Dave








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