Week 9 Summary

Hey guys!

Week 9 was the first week I began to officially participate on a regular basis in effort to complete the credit offered by this class.

I began with a scene analysis assignment, where I decided to use a scene from the Dark Knight, and discuss the music, tempo, camera angles, and other aspects of filmmaking that went into the production of this scene from an amazing movie. I see now that this assignment was supposed to have a voice over element, but during the creation I just wrote an essay style assessment of the scene based on the readings from Ebert and Zhou.

Scene Analysis of “The Dark Knight” Starring Heath Ledger’s Joker

After the scene analysis I began to fulfill the assignment requirement by completing 12 stars of assignments of video. I rented a camera from the Convergence Center for this week, and recorded myself doing various things and compiling video in order to complete the assignments.

The first assignment I completed is titled “Video Crack”, and it was worth 4.5 stars.  I had a lot of fun working on this project because I had to think of a good song for the scenario and apply it to the scene accordingly.

Redubbed Dark Knight

Next, I decided saw a video on youtube of a man punching a kangaroo, and it got me interested in other kangaroo-people interactions. I was surprised to find a considerable amount of content related to people fighting with kangaroos! So I decided to compile a video of a few of my favorite interactions with kangaroos.  While this assignment isn’t listed in the assignment bank that I know of, I really wanted to do a kangaroo montage video anyways, and I thought it would be appropriate for the video assignment section.


The final work I completed was a time lapse clip of creating something using paper.  The assignment is titled “Six Second Art” and was worth 3.5 stars.

Time Lapse Art –> Paper Airplane



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