What If It Was Me – Tech N9ne Reaction

Hey guys!

Did a reaction video today, I found this song by one of my favorite artists, Tech N9ne and thought “what better time to listen to it for the first time than while recording a reaction video”, so you get to witness me while I see Tech drop these hot bars.  This song was amazing, though my reaction, not so much.  I find it difficult to get into the reaction, although I found watching the video incredibly moving.

The production was done using iMovie.  After a bit of tinkering with iMovie I found how to overlay videos using picture in picture, which allowed me to show the video in full screen, with my reaction in the corner.

This video seems extremely controversial because it addresses some of the pressing issues with officer involved shootings we have been seeing lately. I love Tech N9ne for many reasons, not the least of which is that he offers a new perspective in Hip Hop on education, crime, parenting, and many other issues such as these.  This video shows that in situations like the one depicted, one wrong move can lead to a whirlwind of consequences, and that turns can be taken in either direction, resulting in a completely different outcome.  In some of his other songs he speaks of his role in parenting and how he blames parents for many of the child’s issues, and he also flames the education system for many of the problems in today’s youth.

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